Saturday, October 29

The insanity plea goes well with a side of crime.
What about those who feel fine inside?
There's no respite for the jealous.
Who here knows what it is to have your heart ache
over someone you know you can't take?
Rules of society cannot simply be banished
when your own values clash.
Living a life would be much easier the second time
when you know the decisions you should have made
and the outcomes of those that were not.
Arguments with a best friend are vivid and hostile,
knowing it's you wipes away your smile.
Because it's you and me.
The music of your mind keeps you company,
and your thoughts diverge from the ordinary to amuse you.
Do this while you walk to a place you must go,
living always in the moment, while the future approaches slow--
impending, like the doom of a rolling boulder
down a tunnel of which there is no escape.
Temptation favors the loud and the confident,
the risk takers and those unafraid.
A loss for them won't change their age.
How can you experience life watching others smile,
struggle and work for the things we desire,
knowing what you want but too pissed off to change?
Being a gentleman is your abomination,
there is no one high above who sees
the worth in you when you're on your knees.
Whatever we have we will always want more,
and your daily routine seems out of place
with what you want to be.
Uncertainty reigns in this world of ours,
and jerks who need a punch in the face.
Be thankful for intelligence?
My thoughts ruin me each day, saved only
by rationalization, pressure and hope.
But hope does not only press us to live on;
it makes us err to chance at something better.
So I scream at the howling wind, "FUCK YOU!"
but only on my pillow, in the unhearing void
of dreams.


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