Sunday, October 30


The point of being batman is to be able to jump from really high up places to low ones and back up.

There's no wrong way to eat a kid named Reese.

If you uppercutted a giraffe, you would really take it by surprise.

The next time someone suggests I "fight fire with fire," I'm going to tell them about that lengthy talk the fireman gave me on why that was wrong.
Right after Chemistry Lab, I lick my fingers to ingest the chemicals and increase my chances of gaining super powers.

I should stop saying, "haha, idiot" out loud to people I don't know when I see them do something foolish.

Always, always, ALWAYS replace the word "crap" with dump or poo as in: "holy dump!" or "what the poo?"

I've gone crazy, but in a good way.


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