Tuesday, November 1

Penguins are stupid.

Nuns are worse. Let's say you walked up to one and kicked her in the shin. Would she summon the powers of god and fight back? No. She wouldn't because she can't. Nuns aren't cool like that, so therefore, they're nothing but weaksauce. Merely saying punishment will come eventually is not enough when you're getting kicked in the shin; these actions require immediate consequences!!

It's all about the ill tastes in music.

If you walk on a treadmill, it's just way to symbolic of life. You're walking and walking, and if you want to try harder you run, and no matter how much time you spend there, you're still in the same spot.

I will be sad if one day people do nothing but sit around on the bus, in a car, around a poker table, at dinner, independently listening to their Ipods and talking on their cell phones. That is already happening. Cell phones are the worst invention ever. Being always available for contact takes them away from their current situation. Fuck cell phones. If you want to talk, meet them in person.

Chocolate bunnies? WTF??


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