Friday, December 2

The White Stripes were playing on The Daily Show with Jon Stuart as his first band, and I have to say, "not a bad choice."

Jack and Meg have been nominated for 4 Grammys, including Album of the Year, Best Alternative Album, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with vocal and Best Rock Song (Seven Nation Army). I'd also like to personally nominate them for Worst Designed Website on the Internet for Trying to navigate through it and read their news, I was filled with temptation to throw my computer monitor off my desk and across the room. If you're masochistic, go there now. If you were click happy and not masochistic, I'm sorry. Now let's get to why you're here: to read about my opinion of them.

The female in this duo has no drumming skills at all. In every song, she has one drum stick in each hand and beats a drum about once every second or two. She's not capable of a drum roll. No musical talent whatsoever. In the above picture, it's like Jack is saying, "What the fuck? Why is she here?"

Jack on the other hand, kicks ass. He's like a combination of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and Leonardo DiCaprio. His look is everything I want in a musician. He can play the guitar like a mofo, and I caught him playing a keyboard and a piano at the same time (one hand on each) while singing. On top of the piano, he also had a mirror, so he could look at himself while singing. Awesome. I can respect a man that plays music while looking at himself.

<---Once again, Jack prefers not to look at Meg, but shoot her in the back with his hand. Props for the top hat.

So Meg can't play an instrument, and she's not good looking either. It's only through Jack's amazing musical talent that this group exists at all, and intensely in the music community at that. More props to Jack.

Jack said he didn't want to look at her anymore and she couldn't play the drums, and crying ensued. Or was it because of that large paddle?

The existence of this group is proof that if you have one talented musician/performer, a strong beat is necessary, but anyone will do. I respect him for not dropping his girlfriend at the time when his music career was launching, and instead handed her some drum sticks.

Their music videos are cool and worth checking out as well. I gained a little respect for Meg when I saw their music video, Blue Orchid, in which she crawls under a horse and attempts to thrust her way towards its male organ, and soon after is seen eating a tube of toothpaste. I only wish that more musical groups could see the light, as the White Stripes have, and follow their lead.

In "We're Going to be Friends," I love how has his wife just lies on the couch for the whole video. I'd have to say the highlight of the video was either when he shifted positions while playing guitar, or when he glanced over to make sure she hadn't moved. I'm pretty sure this video takes the cake as needing the least dough to produce. (I'm so linguistically clever!) Seriously though, some of their videos are really entertaining. See their music videos here if your internet connection does not involve phone lines.

If you missed seeing them on The Daily Show, you can catch them again today, (Dec. 2) with Conan O'Brien.


Blogger Staff Rocket undoubtedly said...

Cool, I like the stripes :)

1:45 AM  
Blogger Hollis undoubtedly said...

did you hear that jack white is starting a new band with real musicians? can't wait

4:30 AM  

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