Wednesday, May 3

Cpjunkie6: hey Roberto!
Cpjunkie6: what's goin on, buddy?
Cpjunkie6: i just got done with my shift

Robertotunison: yo
Robertotunison: who is this?
Cpjunkie6: um
Cpjunkie6: your worst enemy
Robertotunison: thats unfortunate
Cpjunkie6: yes
Cpjunkie6: yes it is
Cpjunkie6: who's the icon?
Robertotunison: me
Cpjunkie6: you think you're so cool with those aviators don't u?
Robertotunison: yeah, looking like lenny kravitz
Cpjunkie6: or...lenny from the Simpsons!
Robertotunison: ...
Robertotunison: yeah
Cpjunkie6: you're very agreeable tonight, aren't you?
Robertotunison: i suppose
Cpjunkie6: is something wrong?
Robertotunison: no
Cpjunkie6: did you eat a goldfish?
Robertotunison: god i wish
Cpjunkie6: did you see a rusty mailbox?
Robertotunison: but who is this?
Cpjunkie6: did your hat fall in the toilet?
Robertotunison: i recieved a rusty trombone
Cpjunkie6: oh no!
Cpjunkie6: i hate when that happens
Cpjunkie6: and it happens all the time
Cpjunkie6: did you receive it while assuming the position?
Cpjunkie6: you don't have to answer that
Robertotunison: hell yes i did
Robertotunison: but who is this
Cpjunkie6: you don't know
Robertotunison: like, how would i know you
Robertotunison: i really dont
Robertotunison: casey?
Cpjunkie6: haha
Cpjunkie6: quit reading the profile
Cpjunkie6: you're an astute learner
Cpjunkie6: props, man. props.
Robertotunison: but how do i know you?
Cpjunkie6: i used to live nearby
Robertotunison: is that so?
Cpjunkie6: and i would observe your behaviors with powerful binoculars
Cpjunkie6: and i was feeling chipper so i thought i'd give ya a ring
Cpjunkie6: in IM form
Robertotunison: ah ha
Cpjunkie6: i hope you're not too busy
Robertotunison: nope
Cpjunkie6: b/c all i do is distract people
Robertotunison: not at all
Cpjunkie6: good
Robertotunison: ehhh, i need to leave
Cpjunkie6: mooooo!
Cpjunkie6: i mean, nooooo!
Robertotunison: but seriously, how are we related?
Cpjunkie6: not by blood
Cpjunkie6: trust me
Cpjunkie6: i would know

Robertotunison: as i know
Cpjunkie6: we can talk again sometime
Cpjunkie6: when i'm feeling equally mysterious
Cpjunkie6: or on a whim
Cpjunkie6: or when i'm drunk
Cpjunkie6: anyways, you should probably get back to your Cartoon Network
Robertotunison: hah
Cpjunkie6: later dude
Robertotunison: or my gov
Cpjunkie6: gov sucks
Cpjunkie6: when are your finals?
Robertotunison: dont play this shit, i need to know who you are
Robertotunison: tuesday
Cpjunkie6: cool
Robertotunison: i have a com136 exam tomorroa
Cpjunkie6: you can celebrate at Ruby Tuesdays
Cpjunkie6: eww

Robertotunison: an i had a calc exam tomorrow
Cpjunkie6: you had it tomorrow?
Cpjunkie6: interesting
Robertotunison: i had it today
Robertotunison: silence
Cpjunkie6: never!
Cpjunkie6: i work on a symbiotic verbalist relationship
Robertotunison: is that so, i work on logos based relationships
Robertotunison: so, what is your relation to me
Cpjunkie6: i'm more of a Legos person
Robertotunison: hmm, how unfortunate
Cpjunkie6: i have no relationship to you
Cpjunkie6: although we probably have stuff in common
Robertotunison: no, but there is a relation, one that is prompted by you instant messaging me
Cpjunkie6: like, I ate a hamburger once
Robertotunison: one that is based on my ignorance of who you are
Cpjunkie6: hamburgers are delicious
Cpjunkie6: i would eat one now, but i'm full of ravioli
Cpjunkie6: if you find out who i am, will you stop talking to me?

Robertotunison: hah
Robertotunison: maybe
Cpjunkie6: b/c seriously, I need a break
Robertotunison: yeah, i seriously need to leave
Cpjunkie6: Tom&Jerry will do that to a man
Robertotunison: hah
Robertotunison: hells ya
Robertotunison: frisbee?
Robertotunison: drmcninja?
Cpjunkie6: i like frisbee
Robertotunison: myspace?
Cpjunkie6: ultimate frisbee
Robertotunison: yeah
Robertotunison: you play
Robertotunison: ?
Cpjunkie6: yeah
Robertotunison: is that how you know me?
Cpjunkie6: no
Robertotunison: damn
Cpjunkie6: Dr McNinja?
Cpjunkie6: is that a real doctor?
Cpjunkie6: sounds like a cool guy

Robertotunison: uhh, if thats how you knew me, you would know
Robertotunison: oh he is
Cpjunkie6: i wish i had a ninja for a doctor
Cpjunkie6: you're a clever clever guy
Cpjunkie6: just like my friend Ted
Robertotunison: you are a royal ass
Cpjunkie6: yeah, I'm familiar with the comic
Cpjunkie6: i'm just messin with you
Robertotunison: yeah
Cpjunkie6: i like to think that more parts of me are royal, not just my ass
Cpjunkie6: but thanks for noticing!

Robertotunison: yeah
Robertotunison: peace
Cpjunkie6: peace
Robertotunison is away at 1:05:53 PM.

If you're wondering, no I don't have any idea who this guy is. I was bored. And yes, he was correct in guessing I found his screen name from Dr. McNinja. Props to him! Somehow, Roberto kept his temper and stayed classy--how unfortunate. Anywho, I'm out.



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