Monday, March 27

Why I Should Never Get Administrator Privileges

Everyone who's anyone has heard of the facebook. Well I created a group called, "I heart Naps" back from the start with the description "because who doesn't like naps? for realz." and put up a nifty picture that says I heart naps. Since napping is so enjoyable, the group grew to 188 members. Seeing as I only know about 30 people in Alfred, that's a considerable amount.

So what did I do? I simply changed the description:

"Naps" is codename for "masturbation."

hahaha. I thought this was very funny. 188 people now voluntarily joined a group to support playing with themselves...without knowing it! I'm so clever! This is why I shouldn't have power; I abuse it.

I'm interested to see whether anyone else notices and if anyone will leave or join the group now that its true purpose has been revealed! I don't think anyone will notice for a while because the group is so old and boring, but I got a good laugh and that's all that matters. And perhaps someone else will notice and get a good laugh too, and comment to their friends, who wouldn't know, and they would get a laugh. Laughs all around! I am the bringer of mirth.

Perhaps you'll be able to see the page here. If not, please let me know.

What do you think of all this? Leave me a memo!

love y'all


Blogger Caroline undoubtedly said...

I suppose since you've read my blog with some alarming regularity I thought I might take a second or so to read some of yours. Facebook. Yes what a waste of time, yet a guilty pleasure admitantly.

As for your abusing priveledges. I suppose you must get that humor out of the way b/f you graduate. So why not.

And thank you for your comment on my photo. I'm not so sure I'd agree. But it was a nice gesture. :)

Have a good one.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Casey undoubtedly said...

hahaha. the group now has 189 members! I'm very happy.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Casey undoubtedly said...

Two people left, then six people joined, so now we're up to 193 members! It's so refreshing how people have a sense of humor.

8:18 PM  

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