Tuesday, November 1

Someone who is good with a knife will not let you know he has the knife until you are being stabbed with it. Yeah, you kick that knife out of his hand. The people you are most likely to be defending yourself against are also the people most likely to be carrying a weapon. You can take 20 years of martial arts, but you'll still lose to a gun. For someone serious about self defense, I recommend a weapons license permit.
*Welcome to the real world*

The best time to make life changing decisions is when you can't get to sleep.

I want to step on a leprechaun. Smash in his face, or her face. Are there female leprechauns? Whatever; they're going to get stepped on if I ever meet one.

People are out there who think they're depressed. Sure, we live in the richest country in the world, with bountiful material possessions and no worry of starvation or diseases, but hey, maybe if I pop a few pills I'll chipper up. Throw them in the fuckin' pyramid.

Poker, running, biking, sit-ups, reading, writing, rapping, body building, studying western boxing, kickin' it free--this I will do alone, cut off, poor, and it will be unique.


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Blame Canada.