Friday, December 2

Let it be known that at 10:26 I am officially GONE. And I did it the good old fashioned way, the only way monkeys know how: without alcohol. That's right, I haven't slept to an intense degree for an extremely long amount of time. Sleep deprivation has all the syptoms of alcohol abuse including: loss of coordination, slurred speech, headaches, hyperactivity, increased euphoria, need for sleep, doing stupid things, saying stupid things, and diarrhea (cha cha cha!). Actually I'm not suffering from diarrea, that was a complete fabrication. So yeah, I feel sickly tired with a racing heartbeat but also hyper and ready to do crazy shit, and I'm saying crazy things. Or maybe just ordinary things and finding them hysterical. I vote for the latter. In terms of strange activities, I'm not only on Facebook and rewrote my info, but I'm writing on lots of walls like a grafitti crazed teenager. I also noticed I said, "poked, BITCH" while poking anna and I've begun to laugh needlessly yet extensively. I intend to stay up for a record amount of time, meaning until I collapse and die, because I don't know where that point is. Best of all, I'm doing it without the aid of caffeine, because caffeine makes you crash. On my side, I do have some really stale pizza within reach. This may be the last you'll hear from me, 'cause I'm out to break a record. So far I'm at 34 hours without sleep. I'll update when I can stand it no longer and lose my determination. I'll try for 50 hours. Oh, and you'll still get your midnight post if you want. Tell me how much you love me in a comment! Or tell me you hate me and when you read my posts they make you want to jump out of windows with your hands stapled to some bedsheets. Anything in between is unacceptable. Peace out.


I lived. I lasted until 5am, which makes it 41 hours of awakedom. Here are the minutes:

11:30- stopped being silly
11:54- sneezing
12:43- yawning, some chest pain
1:11- shower, nearly dozed
1:40- this is brutal, eye lids hurt
2:10- was watching tv standing up
2:21- sleep would come really easily
2:45- eyes heavy, very very tired
3:04- this sucks badd
3:32- kind of waking up a little again
3:50- convincing myself I had sleep last night and I'm fine
4:47- back hurts, neck hurts-this is pretty stupid
4:59- this is stupid, I need money for this shit, it's not fun


Blogger Casey undoubtedly said...

I'm thinking of deleting this post. I wrote it when I was tired and I don't think it's funny or entertaining. If anyone thinks otherwise, I'll receive comments until its demolition on Tuesday.

8:00 AM  

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