Monday, February 20

Are you or someone you know on fire? Being on fire is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Here are some steps you can follow to avoid being on fire:

1.) Don’t douse yourself in flammable liquids.
2.) If you must disobey rule number one, avoid lighters, fireworks, and other places where fire may occur.
3.) Alcohol and drunken friends can lead to problems with fire. Keep contact with pyros to a minimum.

If you find yourself on fire, follow these steps:

1.) Tell someone you are on fire.
2.) Don’t panic!! Panicking will make others panic as well, and then they won’t react properly.
3.) Look around for a fire extinguisher, or if one is not nearby, dial 911.
4.) Wait patiently while help arrives and try not to get pessimistic about your situation. We all have our problems to deal with.

Hopefully, you will never catch fire, but if you do, maybe now you’ll be more prepared with what to do.


When I was in Buffalo, I ran off a few of these flyers and posted them around my building and around the dorms. The fire safety flyers they had there were really dumb, so I mocked them. It was even all jazzy and professional-looking. Props to me. Props for free.


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