Tuesday, February 14

Screaming joke monkeys are wandering bastards.
Peaceful hillbillys laugh wickedly at jigsaw puzzles and etymylogical teasers.
Saturday night gypsies use rhyming dictionaries to rap "gently" with "nestling jealousy."
Come on, preacher; video games and Family Guy bring happiness until midnight.
Stranger kids go to Diaryland, instead of The Onion, with sweet devotion instead of angry telepathic mcstories, for their brainwashing necessities.
A pragmatic Daschund awoke vigorously to inquiries from Helen Keller’s attic to find local pine trees in disarray throughout the town.
Sometimes we use a Proteus Mind Machine to fathom erotic mind control stories to map the liquid subconcious versus digital fiction. Shut up, it’s more fun than playing guitar, silly.
I am a little dazed, but I can take no more of your sweet boredom or Kids in the Hall type medicine.


Anonymous Anonymous undoubtedly said...

good to know...i think ur tired??

2:23 AM  

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