Thursday, March 9

Word, y'all.

The sole purpose of this post is to express my intense love affair with a woman, a metaphorical woman by the name of This is a fantastic comic and everyone will like it (I recommend the current story over the archives). It has everything I ever wanted in a comic about ninjas and tells the story about the rivalry between Pirates and Ninjas. Dr. McNinja is this drunk Irish Ninja Doctor with problems and skills. He enjoys high fives. He enjoys high fives with animals. There's even Lumberjacks and Gorillas! Seriously, don't go another day without adding the Dr. McNinja elixir of happiness to your recipe of joy in the lunchtime that is the present. You'll thank me later. Or more probably, enjoy it but say nothing. But at least you'll enjoy it. I want to spread happiness like the Black Plague massacreing Europe in 1347. Especially the French. Dirty bastards. Jean-Claude Van Damme can stuff his acting in a box and mail it to the North Pole, which is equally nonexistant. (Jean-Claude, if you're reading this, I'm actually a fan. I was kidding.) For the rest of you, Jean-Claude really is a douchebag.

~Peace, y'all.


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