Monday, March 6

Ahh. I just had a wonderful conversation with Neal. Conversations make me feel alive. I guess that's what I miss most about life. I've been so wrapped up in my own thoughts. All the time, no ideas coming from anywhere but me. And it works pretty well for I have a pretty logical brain that assesses situations from many angles, but sometimes it just can't compare with a different point of view. It's that comment you wouldn't suspect; the unforseen joke; the words of someone living a different life. Examples:

(referring to caitlin...)
Nealblind: we both think we are smarter than each other
Cpjunkie6: hmm... you should have a series of games
Nealblind: don't say anything
Nealblind: okay
Nealblind: no
Cpjunkie6: and the winner gets to wear a shirt that says, "i'm with stupid"
Nealblind: find a metal girl
Cpjunkie6: one made of Bronze?
Nealblind: no
Nealblind: one with bronze
Nealblind: piercings
Cpjunkie6: haha, i'll make that my plan B
Cpjunkie6: plan A being find one without bronze piercings
Cpjunkie6: but thanks for your support
Nealblind: that is quiter's talk
Cpjunkie6: haha
Nealblind: there are plenty of those

I get a kick out of Neal. He humors me while being humorous and serious at the same time. His large words frighten me though, like hedonistic, misogynistic and poogas. I learned how dumb people feel, gripped by the firm hand of ignorance. I used to use big words without realizing it back when I read constantly, and kids daily would say, "stop acting smart with your big words," or some crap like that. Problem solved, because I've forgotten my vocabulary. I love exercising my humor, or saying things that people say, "that's so quotable," (this happens often when I am under the influence). But I also love hearing it from others. I also love how he doesn't use the word "lol" in AIM-speak. It's too high school girlish. Don't get me wrong, I'm pro high school girls, but lol should not be used by a man more than necessary. And it's rarely necessary. An actual laugh will suffice. And never use lol when you're not actually laughing. That's abuse of the word.

I surf blogs for interesting reading material. Here's your blog quote of the day brought to you by a bubbly high school girl, and the letter J.

i love the weather man
he's my buddy
we tell each other everything
he doesn't often have anything
interesting to say
except things like
"small chance of rain today"
"hurricane *enter name* will hit *enter state,city,country* next wednesday"
so you see
he isn't very entertaining
and I often feel like hurting him
so he will stop telling me the weather
and do something interesting for once
but somehow
i don't think thats gonna happen anytime soon

Well, that's enough of my ramblings. I haven't rambled for a couple weeks, so you had to know it was coming. As always, I try keeping the reading full of content for all sorts of psychologically unstable people. Sometimes it's stories, sometimes it's updates on cool happenings, sometimes it's editorials, sometimes it's just stuff I find interesting.

The best part of running your own business--if you're not concerned about how many customers you get, you can do whatever you want.



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