Friday, March 10

Cancerous fools always seem tough. I think of Lance Armstrong, or his wife Sheryl Crow. They're everybody's idol (isn't Lance...dreamy?), but not everybody can be those people. Not everybody beats cancer. Three of my grandparents didn't (the fourth died of the plague). I'm sick of people saying tearfully, "but I know he/she will make it through this and beat cancer....because Johnny/Susan is a fighter." Maybe they are, maybe not. I don't think your teary-eyed opinion is the reliable, non-biased one for me. I saw on Dateline yesterday a father who claimed his three-year-old was a fighter, and thus would beat his lethal disease. That's sad and all, but these people are deluding themselves. You can't know if they're a fighter or not, especially a mentally challenged one at three years of age. I've never heard of someone say, "Yeah, this cancer is going to beat him because he's not a fighter. He just sits there and takes it. In fact, he's a little bitch." Nobody does that for some reason. Nobody admits that they're fucked. I do. I'm sure hope helps the mind and increases their chance of survival, but on the other hand...face reality. People die. Children die. Eventually, everything dies. There's nothing you can do about it unless you are Chuck Norris.

All I ever hear is, "so-and-so's a fighter." What about the rest of the people? Don't non-fighters (pacifists) ever get cancer? If not, then pacifism is the way to go. The true way to beat cancer is to be the pacifist, the non-fighter, the closet-geek who gets his teeth punched in and his lunch money stolen by the fighters of this country. Don't worry; they'll get theirs. Just you wait. Remember, that's why God invented religion.

Mark always makes me laugh. His mom has breast cancer, and his whole family eventually gets killed by cancer, so his stance is that eventually he'll get it. He knows he's fucked. And that I can respect. Me: same thing. I'm fucked. I'll probably get cancer if I live to be old, but who wants to be old anyway? Nobody.

Only the good die young, right? That would explain why all the old people I know are creepy, smelly, clingy, grouchy bastards. If you can't take care of yourself, Darwinism says you die. If you were nice, people take care of you. If you were a bastard who beat your kids and everyone hates you--you get abandoned. That's the way it should be. And society shouldn't say, "Oh, you don't visit your parents? That's so sadly awful!" and guilt-trip you. You just say, "That's right. They were jerks and don't deserve my attention." Then punch the guilt-tripper in the face. I say, if parents were more worried about their future, they would either work harder to ensure they don't become reliant on their children later on, be nicer to their kids, or actually do some parenting. Some people are innocently born a cancer to society. Bad parenting is doing crap for this country. Not that this is a personal issue; I'm just saying what you already know.

Another thing: this computer only saves pictures in .bmp or .art so I can't post pictures. That's why this site is so ruthlessly boring and devoid of funny pictures between the clutter of text. However, I have good things to look forward to tomorrow, so I should stop complaining.

All in all, this post was a worthless diatribe. I guess I was primarily perturbed by the delusional father who adamantly proclaimed his retarded infant was a fighter, until I got side-tracked while stuck in my Maddox mindset, of whom Caitlin is justifiably prone to reminding me I am not. Thanks, Caitlin. I need those reminders. "And now for something completely different: A dead parrot."

~adios, bored patrons


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hey casey, it really depends on where you work, how much experience you have, etc. most small newspapers will start you out in the 20s. the big ones, in the 30s. you can make a good living at a large daily paper after 10 plus years: 60s, 70s and higher if you're at the times or washington post...from people i know who work there. but the industry is shrinking as you know. it will shrink for a while longer. what i'm telling you might not even be relevant several years from now. what newspapers get really excited about right now is people with multimedia experience: people who can do online, radio, tv, print, all at once. hope this helps.

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Blogger Strength/Courage/Wisdom undoubtedly said...

thanks for the post, casey. and welcome to the jungle!


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