Wednesday, March 15

I had a dream last night where I was just sitting at a table in the library next to Angelina Jolie and two children. AJ and I were having a conversation, and the two children (girls about 11) were talking about kissing people with alcohol breath or something. After a while, I wasn't paying attention to the kids, and they just start booing incessantly, for no apparent reason. Then I look up and see Brian Long walking by. He doesn't notice, so I start booing directly at him. Then he turns, sees us, and joins in with the booing. (We aren't booing angrily, we're just doing it for kicks.) Then we all stop booing simultaneously, and he says "what's up guys?" in his really cheery/goofy Brian J. Long voice. Then, all I can think of is him doing Beaker impressions. Then I think, "I wish I had seen the Muppets from Space Movie."

Besides being jealous that Brian got to dish out the humor in my dream in his brief appearance, I noticed I was dreaming involving a celebrity. Besides Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie is the only celeb to have entered my dreams that I can recall, and I have a pretty good recollection of my dreams. So while I'm a little concerned that Hollywood is making its appearance inside my subconscious, I'm a bit relieved that at least it was cool people. Jackie Chan is totally cool. Angelina is cool because although she makes 30 million a year, she uses her power to fight for something she believes in: children's starvation or AIDS. Also, she captured Brad's heart, and I think that's a feat we all wish we were capable of.

I was walking around in Lowe's today thinking how much I love shopping for toilet seat covers. When I look at one, the thing that comes to my head is, "now THIS would be a good product to shit on." Looking for products to take a dump on is fun!

I'm off to Alfred tomorrow where I'll be until the weekend or whenever James feels like returning me. It should be a good time. I feel like binge food shopping for needless things like cakes and raw cookie dough to munch on. James is the only person I know who I'll visit, see a cake lying around and ask, "what's the occasion?" He replies, "Why would there be an occasion? You mean because of the cake? You don't need a reason to have cake!!" The American mindset is that cakes are for celebrating birthdays or something festive. James just likes cake. And he eats it every day. I find that admirable.

On the down side, I got a "you suck" talk from keith, a text from Derek and an IM from Sully asking if I'll be at the party, for keith's parents are constantly in Mexico, probably recruiting for their landscaping business (though they deny this). For once I'm actually too cool for them. I mean, I love socializing and/or being drunk around those guys, but I think Alfred will be more fun. It's just too bad I can't do both.

By the way, a passing grade for restaurant inspection is a minimum of 85. One of our Tim Horton's in Canandaigua got a 69 last week. I guess they were hoping George W. would stop by there yesterday during his visit, which he didn't. He was too preoccupied with telling people at The Pines (our upscale/millionaire retirement homes) about Medicare, which they were all too rich to take interest in, or with hugging J-Mac, a local autistic kid getting a movie deal because he scored 20pts in 4 minutes in the only 4 minutes he ever played. He never made the basketball team so he only got playing time because of pity. (Pity is the same reason I got playing time on varsity soccer though, so I guess I shouldn't be too bitter.) Asha told me this, but I ate there again today anyway.

Moral of the story: if I die, blame Canada.



Blogger dasmeshpreet undoubtedly said...

no one will ever believe you
we're peacekeepers
lovers not fighters
blame your death on someone else

2:42 PM  
Blogger Casey undoubtedly said...

wtf? I'm seriously confused about what that means. No one will ever believe that I had a dream with Angolina Jolie in it? Why would I lie about that? Is the "we" inclusive of myself? And how could I blame my death on anyone, since I'd be dead? It just doesn't make any sense. Perhaps I should go get drunk like you so that your phrases seem more coherent. I'll give you an A+ for effort though. Thank you for totally confusing me.

8:22 PM  
Blogger dasmeshpreet undoubtedly said...

so you dont like peanut butter?

11:44 PM  
Blogger Casey undoubtedly said...

Woah. Let's not get crazy. I love my peanut butter. I mean there's peanuts, and there's butter. You do the math. My favorite is Peter Pan, but Jif is also acceptable. Also, Reese's peanut butter is great, but it's difficult to extract from the chocolate peanut butter cups to apply to bread. I enjoy both crunchy and smooth. I have peanut butter for breakfast. I have peanut butter on my pancakes. Today I had a box of Reese's Fast Breaks. So yes, I like peanut butter.

1:58 AM  

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Blame Canada.