Thursday, May 11

Barfy barfy barf. I have a tummy ache. Perhaps I should get a gerbil.

I have a dentist appointment (I hope they don't do a cavity search) at two, then an Empire State College meeting with my advisor at three. La-dee-frickin'-dah.

I went to Alfred to see James and Killian Monday, which was really fun. It was James' birfday. James = 23/as old as my grandpa, but we love him anyway.

It is cold and wet outside. Maybe I should put some pants on. There is quite the breeze goin' on.

I'm also supposed to go sharpen ye old chainsaw, then finish cutting up that massive tree today. If I don't do something fun soon I'm going to start dressing like the Village People and torching the houses of maidens. I wish I had a megaphone, doo dah day. I need to go play outside or inside with my friends.

I'm going to miss Halloween this year because I fly back from Alaska on the 31st of Octoberfest. What a major nutjob. And I was doing so well planning my costume out too. Regardless, I'm still dressing up and robbing folks of their candy. I like chocolate now. I used to not.

I hope Alaska isn't cold like how it is outside now. Yesterday was hot like the 70's, and now it's 62 and feels colder. I was told in the mornings it's in the 50's then heats up a bit. If I have to spend the next five months in cold 50 degree weather, I'll have no choice but to wear a hat. Insane in the membrane. Demons!



Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

until the end of october??!??! What the hell? CASEY! That's a long time for you to not be online. Surely there must be something you can do about this!

3:00 AM  

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