Thursday, November 3

Every group of friends needs a crazy/drunken acquaintance to tell stories about.

Fortune cookies: in some way or another they have impacted your life. They're so vague that any of them could come true. Tonight mine was: "Someone from your past will come back to steal your heart." There are no specifics; it doesn't say who or when. It could be in 30 years, and "someone from your past" doesn't narrow it down much. I propose a brand of fortune cookies that are specific. Fortunes like: "Jack will fall in love with you within a year, but you will fail to return the favor, " or "one of your past girlfriends, probably Jacky, will revisit you and toilet paper your house on Halloween, for the chance to talk to you again," would make me much happier. I would much rather recieve one of those in a cookie than these vague, cryptic teasing messages that don't give you any information at all. All I'm asking for here are some times or names here, and I'd be a lot happier. Who's with me?


Blogger kyle phillup undoubtedly said...

Totally cool! I just added a bookmark to you because you're blog is awesome. Just what I was looking for...

My blog is about french kissing and making out.

I have a sister that would love your blog so I'll tell her (if you don't mind).

Come check me out if you want...
french kissing and making out

6:19 PM  
Blogger Sunny undoubtedly said...

I TOTALLY agree. It's just like fortune tellers and psychics, they are very tentative until they get a reaction from you about something and then they take it and run with that info.

9:12 AM  

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