Saturday, December 3

I like talking to people, but I usually don't start conversations. I think this arose way back when I started IMing this girl and didn't catch on that she didn't like me. So I was all like talkin' it up and stuff, right? Then I realized one day she never was initializing our conversations. I asked myself, why? Why wouldn't she want to talk to someone as awesome and powerful as me? I mean, I pwn noobs at Halo2 and stuff, so real life has to be like that too I figured. I mean, I own at everything I do, so I figured I might as well go out an' own some girls. This one conversation was like this, different girl though: (she IMs me)

"oh, I haven't talked to you in like a want to have sex?"
"[yada yada]....I'd love to!"

so I totally won that battle and owned her. But then she wanted to keep playing me but I was like, "I've gotta play other people that are better than you and own them, you know?" She didn't like that very much.

Then there was this other girl. She Imed me one day because she liked my picture on facebook, which was of a surfer owning some huge wave like it was a n00b! and it wasn't actually me but she didn't know that. So she was like, "hey" and stuff and we talked for a couple hours. This was May before school let out. Then I never talked to her until a couple days ago when she Imed me with "can I ask you a personal question?" I'm so confused because I thought we were over and now she wants to get personal with me? So I think "ok, it's not like I can get owned by a surprise attack because it's just a girl" and she asks and we get talking for ten minutes or so, just basic stuff like I would say to my step-brother or cousin-in-law. Suddenly, she asks if I know who's talking to her, she direct connects me and sends me a picture. I'm like, "yeah, I remember." I'm talking to a couple other people and five minutes pass until suddenly I think, "wait, she was in her bra in that picture. In fact, she was very much almost naked." I don't know what to say, so I babble stuff like, "oh, I just noticed you're in your bra...this will be useful." She freaks at my comment ("what do you mean by THAT!!"), I panic but I respond by saying "what? what do you mean? I don't remember saying that." I totally pulled it off. I like it when that stuff happens.

Stuff like this happens ALL the time. I mean, I can't blame them, can you? Just look at how awesome my Pirate self-portrait drawing is. If I was a girl I would totally want to hit up that artist too. And just for the ladies, I'll even throw in five extra-credit facts about myself that you can't learn anywhere else (even from the internet!)

1.) I wear shades after I pull all-nighters
2.) I don't have red hair
3.) I've never made out with a midget
4.) I can do more pushups than situps
5.) Unlike monkeys, I don't have an opposable toe on my feet.

The moral of the story is: I like getting random Ims from people I don't know, especially since the type of people to send them are usually interesting. Average Jane or Joe don't pull shit like that because they're just too average. Also, I've found my most favorite hobby is saying whatever comes into my mind. I really like what my brain comes up with and I find it very amusing usually. Also, other people laugh at what I say, so it's like a double-edged sword, in a good way, where nobody dies unless they're both they enemy, in which case everybody wins still. My computer screen just becomes an oasis of positive energy and I let it surround me until I've got such high spirit that I don't need to do anything to keep in good health, but maybe some exercise wouldn't hurt. So Im me at cpjunkie6. Don't make fun of the name, I made it in like 9th grade to replace Mankindsbesthope, because apparently some people thought that was too vain. So yeah, party on.


Blogger flensman undoubtedly said...

*lol* that´s real life!

10:03 AM  
Blogger Ed undoubtedly said...

I answered your question on Mr. Robot Guy. If you include the scrolling code, then you can go back to listing daily archives rather than the weekly ones.

2:30 PM  

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