Friday, December 16

I'm so pro-Pirates it's hardcore. I don't understand why ever became popular (in profiles). Someone needs to put a stop to this.

I would be the lazy guy with a beard.

Initially at least, it's a toss up. People are gunna definitely split on this one. I think most girls would choose the left one because they'd want someone to talk to. For guys...talking isn't as important. (Well, maybe on a deserted island it is...but in real life this is true.) After many minutes of thinking it over, I would go with the one on the left. I don't know how annoying she is, but I'd take my chances that she wouldn't be that annoying. With the one on the right, you know exactly what you're getting (like walks on the beach...among other things). But this picture has the fish saying "fwap fwap." I imagine I'd get tired of this quickly, and when I told it to shut up, its fish brain wouldn't understand. Also, children of this reverse mermaid would be pretty retarded, and not large enough for a good Friday night fish fry.

This makes me laugh inside.

I did not know this. I like how it says, "Chinese Folk."

Are you serious? This guy can style



It's Friday and I've finished everything school related. Time for Christmas related stuff. I won't be updating much for a while, mainly because I'm not online much at home (I actually do stuff).

I'll leave you with a few of my thoughts:

I think it's really cool that we're mortal. It would suck to live forever. I think everything's more important-seeming when we know that sometime it's going to be over. I'm greatful knowing that if it got too bad, I have the power to end it, and we have the power to end it for others. Were we born on this earth knowing we'd be here forever, nothing we did would seem important. We wouldn't accomplish as much in a given amount of time because we'd feel no pressure. The more time we think we have, the more we'll feel free to use it--squander it. If we feel a constant time pressure, we're going to respond and do as much in it as we can. For this reason, setting a due date on our life is good and productive. In fact, if we were to reduce the expected lifespan of people, we might become more productive as a society and as individuals, provided we all accepted that we would die sooner.

I think for all of us there is a desire for a legacy. We all want to be remembered. This is pointless, really, for once we're dead, we won't care. But when we're alive, we care about when we're dead and we want ourselves to go on through others. Partly because of this, we have children and teach them to respect and remember their elders. It's a sense of importance. We all want to be the big fish in the little pond, ignoring the fact that we're a guppy in the ocean on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy. It's kind of neat how similar we all are, in terms of these petty desires and needs. No matter how different we think we are from different cultures around the globe, people are all pretty much the same. If we were born in their shoes, we would turn out living their life as they live it.

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Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

I too would have chosen the mermaid-ish thing on the left. However, my reasoning is different. I figure that not only would I get a companion out of the girl and be able to talk to her, but I could still totally fulfill my sexual desires seeing as she has a mouth and fingers. What the fuck am I supposed to do with a fish head, legs and a vagina? Oh, and if I got really hungry I could eat her fish parts because she would be able to survive without them, but the fish-head one wouldn't be able to live without its fish parts.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

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11:49 PM  
Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

I just thought I would mention that I would talk to you some time but I don't have AIM. Soooo, there goes that.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

Where are you? There haven't been any updates for quite a while.

3:00 AM  

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