Thursday, November 3

I've been studying for multiple hours, so it's time to ease my mind. I like to do this by thinking of situations I would never expect, in the hopes that if they do happen, I will be more prepared than everyone else. I would never expect it if:

while walking to class, some person randomly ran screaming by, pulling out his hair screaming, "NOOOO!!!"

myself, or someone I knew, actually had the world revolving around them like in the Truman Show.

George Bush was actually intelligent.

suddenly all the menus were changed to bacon and only bacon.

I was in line waiting for food, when lots of people suddenly began climbing on the walls like spiders, howling like possessed demons, and giving me high fives.

when drinking a glass of water, suddenly gravity disappeared and the water wouldn't come out of the glass. This would be terrible as I would not be able to drink beverages without a straw as quickly. Also, vehicles would not stick to the ground to get good traction, and old people would float up to their doom.

every time I said, "blam!" a baby died somewhere.

when I went to turn on a light switch, instead of a light turning on, everywhere else it got darker. Then, I went to turn on my TV, and a clone of Snoop Dogg appeared in my room.

when I went to pull out my dresser drawer to get dressed in the morning, the dresser exploded in a giant ball of flames and deathly deadliness.

I clapped my hands for some reason, and instead of a clap sound, someone within sight would fall to the ground.

I went to go crack my neck, but instead all the bones in my body disappeared.

the Buffalo Bulls won a football game.

all my calls were being monitored.

I was eating at subway, and I found a severed head, two arms and a cat in my sub.

Conan O'brien was hiding in my attic, and he was waiting until my 20th birthday to tell me, at which point he would build me a big birthday cake made of former guests on his show.

well...I think my mind is refreshed now, so I can get back to doin' the H-diggity, test prep.


Blogger Sunny undoubtedly said...

LOL- That's some imagination you've got there!!

It made me laugh.


9:10 AM  

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