Sunday, December 4

Hey all. Here's an update post until I get things sorted out.

First, sorry about that large retarded space by the Links. I can't seem to get rid of it yet. Still workin' on that, along with my mental handicaps.

In other news, I've reached over 1000 hits on my page today. Now, some of you may think that I live for the excitement of seeing my hit counter go up each day and that I poop my pants when I get a good score. That's not true. I only wet myself a little.

So, if you want to make me happy, just click refresh like a hundred times. Feel pleased knowing I'll go, "holy crap!" at least once, and think I'm really special.

I accidentally came across this picture which was this girl talking about her baby and the responsibilities involved. I told her there aren't responsibilities in taking care of a plastic baby and it looked like Cabbage Patch Kid. Seriously, she can't trick me into thinking that baby is real. I know a plastic doll when I see it.

This is a real product for a real purpose.

This is my favorite breakfast cereal.

I told you I liked Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay, if you are reading this, I want to get together. I mean, Emma Watson is hot too, but she's not legal for kidnapping yet. Either way, Whoreminee is pretty nice.

And of course, Will Farrell continues his excellent acting as George W.


Blogger Ed undoubtedly said...

Casey, in your template after the line <!-- End #profile -->
you have this line:
<div id="blogscroll" align=left><!-- blogroll or blogroll script goes here --> </div>
Get rid of that and it should display just fine.

1:37 AM  

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