Tuesday, December 6

What's wrong with this picture? (it is a Japanese Condom Ad)

1.) since when does Koala Bears wearing hard helmets signify safe sex?
2.) Why does the condom look like a cannon on wheels?

3.) The Koalas are having sex.

4.) They are wearing specially designed "ears poke through" hard helmets
5.) Koalas don't need to practice safe sex.
6.) The words "2 PIECES" are in English.
7.) Where are the Koala noses?
8.) The Japanese lettering says "Holla at ya, boy!"

I like to ride my camel too. It is our most economical model.

I'd just like to let everyone know that this is my girlfriend. Isn't she nice? I like her for her....personality.

Okay. Actually that's not true. Keith was cheering me up, but it made me think, instead...

Most people would be glad to be that good looking, but the truth is, anyone who you thought was your friend probably wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything other than trying to get with you (even the females). Friendship would be a facade. People would smile next to you like you were a prize to be won. If you wanted to be a person, this could be bad. So the next time you see a gorgeous model, pity them, for they will never have any true friends.


Except for me. *ahem*

The problem is, being hot pretty much automatically makes you socially inept. If there was a magical thing that turned women into stuck up bitches, it would be the hotness gene. I'm reminded of the conversation I had with Josh about the dream lady--the Late Bloomer. This is the situation where a girl goes through high school normal, so she develops a good personality, without the side affects of being pretty, then she develops looks. This way she has learned to cope with the world without manipulating people and receiving special treatment. So theoretically, somewhere out there are girls with the best of both worlds, the trick is finding them.


Blogger Hollis undoubtedly said...

that 2nd picture of the florida state girl is scary. i think her neck is too long or something. she looks like DK mode.

4:20 AM  

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