Wednesday, November 16

Fuck Facebook:

Facebook was a trend that caught on because it gave people an easy way to stalk people they've lost contact with. Sure, maybe it's helpful for a couple people out there, but for the vast majority, its addictiveness has led its way into the evil gates of hell. I had to stop checking out facebook because I caught myself looking at the info of people I've never seen. This goes too far. We have Instant Messenger and Cell Phones, home phone numbers, email...isn't this enough!?
Another thing, messages on "The Wall" are a large waste. They never have anything of value to say. It's always some comment about their picture, or about how they love you (I didn't get any of those), or how they miss you, or about some event they shared in the past. If you haven't seen a Wall comment yet, basically, they're like this:

"A big HELLO from Long Island! :-P Oh and nice pic...should I even comment?? *Wink* I miss my C-town buddies!!! This summer was incredibly fun despite my uhm illness. Yeah - thanx 4 bearing w/ me lol! I'm still alive!! Take care n be good - don't do anything I wouldn't do! Ha ha ha funny right? *Mwah*"

Not funny. Reading posts like this make me want to bleed. I feel nauceous and have to go lie down for a while. Seriously, if you've ever found yourself posting something like this, go kill yourself. And if you post something like that on my wall, I'm going to kill you myself.
Something else I'm opposed to are the "Personal Info" categories. Since when is "favorite movies, favorite books, and favorite quotes" worth viewing? Nobody cares what movies or books you list as liking. Don't stress over remembering whether Dodgeball or Punch Drunk Love is better, and whether it belongs on your list of favorites. The idea these creators have that listing your favorite of anything is any indicator as to what kind of person they are, or that anybody cares, is frankly the dumbest thing to ever hit the internet. If you were talking about yourself, you would not describe what your favorite book or movie is, so it does NOT need a separate category to say it! Type about yourself and share what you want, but please leave out inane opinions about which Movie/Book/Quote you like better. This isn't exclusive only to facebook, but to Myspace and other trendy "talk about yourself" sites. If it isn't entertaining, please...LEAVE IT OUT!

Like any computer would on a Monday evening, I was scanning the internet and came across a series of questions like: "McDonalds or Burger King?" "Sunshine or Rain?" "Lights on or Off?". I read this survey someone had actually filled out and was speechless they had taken the time to do it. Even though they are one word answers, they are one word answers to the STUPIDEST QUESTIONS EVER DEVISED!!! FUCK! SHIT! @#%$!! GOD DAMNIT. This makes me so pissed I could punch a hole through a Vietnam Vet* and not feel any pain. There were literally over fifty questions like this, so pointless even my 9th grade Spanish class was like, "SHIT!"
The horror of the matter is, there are literally millions of people out there who have taken this quiz on Myspace, and millions who have read the answers to this quiz on other people's pages. One could toss in the argument that "Who cares? They're stupid," and while I support the argument that they are stupid, I must have this call defenestrated by saying, "it's not about how stupid they are, it's that I witnessed their stupidity and can't get it back out of my head." Is there no end? When it ends, please tell me, so I can safely scan the internet in peace once again. It is my dream to have them abolished. Like George Carlin says, "if you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten." LOL!!

*Nothing against them personally. At least they're not MTV watching, trendy clothes wearing, "lol/*wink*" talking, cell phone giggling, relationship obsessed bitches.


Anonymous George Carlin undoubtedly said...


1:44 AM  
Anonymous 50Cent undoubtedly said...

Yo, Shut up Carlin before I busta cap in yo skinny white ass!

G-G-G G-Unit!!

1:45 AM  
Anonymous 50cent has always undoubtedly said...

PS--I'm cool.

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