Sunday, November 13

I've been thinking lately about who would be in the ultimate battle, representing all sorts of comics and powers. Mario's just a little bitch, so he's out. Samus can just roll into her little ball and hide, and Captain America's shield won't help him when this shit goes down. I'm talking badass characters. Wolverine is in, because he's got a bad attitude, and Yoshi is the only dinosaur, so he's gotta represent the past. Some jedi has to use the force an' tear shit up with his light saber, so I nominate Darth Vader. Superman is in, because he's got bulletproof abs of steel and he can fly, look through girl's clothing and do basically anything anybody ever thought was cool. Goku as a Supersaen would probably kick everybody's ass with a gigantic explosion though. I'm also putting in Gandalf the Grey, just so he can get his ass handed to him, like in that Tower. Storm had better stick to predicting the weather, and Pikachu can stay in his Pokeball for all I care. I'm also nominating Rick James cause he's a superfreak, and I want this fight to be jammin'. The Incredible Hulk doesn't really have any coolness except when he's pissed, so he's not even in this league. James Bond merely has a tagline of him saying his name, but Batman definitely makes the cut because he paid me a bunch of money. Harry Potter can fight so we can put an end to all his foolish antics and all the hype. I'm going to insert Jessica Alba/Invisible Girl/Dark Angel because she's awesome and I like her for her personality. She wouldn't win, but she could walk around all invisible and bitch slap people from time to time. Then, I'd put in a ninja to stomp everyone's face in with crazy assassinations. Did I leave anyone out?


Anonymous Smooth Joe undoubtedly said...

neat blog, but you left out Tarzan, Indiana Jones, Catwoman, and Magneto!

3:40 PM  

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