Saturday, November 5

To celebrate halo2's one year anniversary on Nov. 9th, a lot of people are driving with their lights on. But that way, people with dimmers will be mistaken for halo2 fans. I advocate driving with your brights on, or better yet, driving backwards for the day. Then again, why do something that has absolutely nothing to do with the game to celebrate it? I'm contemplating writing "halo2 roxxorz" on my forehead in permanent marker, to ensure that everyone will recognize my intent to celebrate.

You know what is bad for squirrels? Ecstasy is bad for squirrels. They freak out.

There was a blog about weight loss to help those trying to lose weight. It got a lot of comments from people saying how it had changed their life. Weeeeee!!!! But the best comment was some cocky son sayin, "I'm skinny" I wasn't sure to take it as him rubbing it in all the fatties faces, or if he was just confused why he was reading about how to lose weight.

Penguins think they're so smart when they stand up in the middle of a snow storm.

I wish I could win a dinner for two at hooters.

I wish I owned a fully functional light saber. The ones on ebay aren't what I'm looking for.
Now, a lot of people may try to teach you about uppercuts. People may try to explain that it's something like this:

But an uppercut should always be like this:

Good day!


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