Monday, December 12

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Worthless post. Don't read this if you're bored, because this isn't your medicine. Most of my other posts aren't this garbage, so take a trip there if you wish. School's over. I guess that's a good thing. I have one more test on Friday, but nothing to do until then. I want to visit friends in Alfred but that's probably not going to work out because I don't have a car here, and my ride isn't free until Friday which is too late. I just woke up and I went to bed at 9am. This sucks because I'm hungry and the only food I can get is in a vending machine. Why must eateries conform to be open at all the same hours? I should have food to make myself, but I don't. I guess my breakfast is going to be five poptarts, strawberry and cinnamon, because that's all there is. It's going to cost five dollars. What a rip-off. I like to do odd things sometimes when I think nobody's looking. Yesterday I was hopping on one foot in a circle chanting something about how delicious pizza is while waiting for the elevator. And someone walked by. The only thing to do is stop immediately and act like nothing happened. They kinda look at you funny, but whatev. I miss playing with krakerjaxx in Halo. He was very funny and he played all the time, but now he's changed his gamertag so I must look him up. I did party up with some very humorous people and got many laughs though. It's strange what some people do. This one kid on my team was killing himself, which would make us lose, unless we followed his demands. His demands were that we all sing. If we stopped he killed himself. Sing anything: a song, freestyle, or just beatbox. We all gave in to his demands, because we wanted to win, and we did win. That kid has issues. My life is easy but it sucks right now. The very fact that I'm writing about me doing nothing is proof alone. I haven't read a good book in a long time. Instead I just read random shit on the internet. I hope computer screen light isn't bad for my eyes. If it is, I hope one of my eyes is stronger than the other, so I get to wear a cool eye patch. Thank god for my friends at home. I miss them. I miss Thies and Keith and Neal and Gagne and Ben, and all the people I see when I see them. People hang out in clusters. Clusters of coolness. They stick together. It's nice, if you find someone cool, because they have friends that are cool. Then there's the rest of the world in between the clusters, or worthless clusters of people you don't want to associate with. That's where I'm at in Buffalo. I'm friendly and all, but I'm not going to be friends with these kids. People here offer me drugs. Weed and aderol and alcohol mostly, but my roommate has access to others. How generous of him to offer me drugs for free! He's just looking to make another sale after I've tried it. Some kid walked in our room yesterday and started talking with my roommate A and I. I thought he knew my roommate but he didn't. When he left he just went next door, and he didnt' know them either. My neighbor said he just walked in and opened his closet and started looking through his clothes when he saw him and was like, "what are you doing?" The stranger contrived some story about how he used to live there and wanted to see the changes. I don't even think that kid was on drugs at the time. He was just weird. My mouth is dry. I desire hot chocolate or Sierra Mist. Good luck on your exams if you have them. Peace.
I just taught myself a little code. It's fun! Do you like the changes? I remembered what my old blog was. There's a solid five hours worth of reading there. Something like 80 posts. It's very different from this one in that I wrote in it every day about myself. Some of it is worthy.


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