Sunday, November 20

I've discovered the word I like least of all in the English language: beaurocrat. Hearing this word is like that feeling you get when you drink a glass of milk and something thick goes down and you find out somebody put a snot rocket in that glass of milk, combined with blood boiling anger, like if somebody took your virginity without asking, or gave you a high five sarcastically. I don't fully understand why it sounds so awful, but perhaps it's that I heard some sophisticated talk show lady say it, in her slightly snobby way, talking about some boring boring topic I didn't want to hear on AM radio (I was forced into listening by my dad, who enjoys the sound of static on an AM radio station). Furthermore, this word is French, and therefore useless. Just look at its spelilng!! If it was an American word it would be Burrocrat, like a burrito combined with a rat, and the meaning wouldn't be far off from its root words. Instead, it starts of "beau," which raises your hopes. You think, "is it going to be "beautiful?" or "beauteous?" Then you hear the word, and your world comes crashing down. All your hopes and dreams are shattered, and the thought remaining that could end it all would be to end it all. If you are in my presence, please PLEASE avoid saying this abomination of a word. Thank you.


Blogger Kate undoubtedly said...

Yeah, I really hate it when people give me sarcastic high fives. Seriously, a high five is not something to take lightly.

4:30 AM  

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