Monday, November 21

A big no-no

I am very sad. I just read my email, which had someone from this arbitrary extra-credit group saying we were meeting today at 10:00 and it's almost 11. So I'm like, "fuck no" because I missed the last group meeting because I slept through my alarm. The gist of the situation was that me and four other people were doing a project on the evolution of the heart in vertebrate mammals. So I'm like, "Fuck!!! I can't believe I just missed two meetings! God damnit! I'm gunna have to bust my ass over break now and email everyone and say I'm sorry and get caught up." I finally get over this and read the next email, it says: "Remember to show up to your extra credit presentations tomorrow at 12:30 in Hochestetter room 223. A reminder for any groups that know someone will not be coming, I will not penalize you. I'm not singling anyone out, but if you do not go to your extra credit presentation, all your subjective points will be lost." This was dated Saturday. I check again and the one that said the meeting was tomorrow was sent 12:45am Sunday. It now clicks that I've just missed my entire extra credit presentation and lost all my subjective points. After about ten minutes of real, hard flipping out, I accepted what I could no longer change. Who needs subjective points anyway? What IS a subjective point? I don't even know. It's subjective. Whatever it was, I don't get any. I suck. Hardcore. Fuck it. I'm dropping out of school. It is the only way.


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